Rules of the House for a great stay

Few common sense rules explained…

Dear guest aka Our New Friend,

Thank you for choosing 123stay to spend your holiday!
Like any cozy home, we have some friendly House Rules for you and for us, since respect for people and places is important in Sibiu.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a pleasant stay and a great experience in Sibiu aka Hermannstadt!

  • Only guests registered at check-in are welcomed to stay in the studio/apartment you have booked. If other non-registered persons will be accommodated here, we reserve the right to cease providing the services for you.
  • Good cohabitation rules are very important here. Loud parties or arguments that could disturb the other tenants of the building are not welcomed. Please consider that the community resting hours are daily between 10 pm – 8 am and 1 – 2 pm, whereas Sunday is dedicated to complete peace and relaxation.
  • Smoking in the studio/apartment or building is not a good idea. Actually, it is not allowed, except for the places especially created and marked as such. Smoking near the open door/window does not fit into the description “especially created,” so kindly please do not compromise yourself. Otherwise, we are constrained to charge you 250 euro extra for smoking in the rented area, outside a flagged area. If there is no smoking area established within the location, a walk outside can be a pleasant smoking break…
  • We love animals, and you are welcomed to bring your pet along to the 123stay location you’ve chosen, as long as we have a prior talk related to the conditions that need to be met. Why? For the simple reason, that 123stay is a place with a special private status.
  • Whenever you leave the house, please close the windows and lock the door for safety reasons. Also, our locking system is unique and has a slightly higher price. That is why we kindly ask you to take all precautions to avoid losing the key, which would compel us to charge you extra 50 euro.
  • Check-in is between 3 pm – 10 pm and check-out is latest at 10 am.
  • Please avoid producing any damage to the room(s) or the objects here. Otherwise, we are bound by circumstances to charge additional fees to cover repair costs.
  • Flammable or unpleasant substances, or dangerous objects are not welcomed here! Any other activities that are in breach of the legislation in force are also prohibited.
  • We have the right to cease providing the services we offer you if any of these rules are violated. You will be charged for the entire duration of your stay, regardless of your stay.
  • Please notify us immediately of any malfunction or damage that needs our assistance.
  • We have a high respect for privacy! So, our staff will enter the room ONLY with your consent and at the agreed time, except for those cases when the guests may be in imminent danger or the internal regulations have been seriously breached.
  • If you are not satisfied with a certain aspect of the house, please let us know immediately, during your stay. This way we can find the right solution for you! Future complaints will no longer be taken into account as they cannot be assisted any more and resolved to your benefit.
  • We can not control everything, so we do not take responsibility for goods and values left behind in the house after your departure. At the end of your stay, please make sure you packed all your personal belongings and did not forget anything important.
    • Thank you for understanding. See you soon!

      Your 123stay team

    Phone: +40 771 017 125

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